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Digital Privacy Self-defence

Training Seminars

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"When we use the Web we're so vulnerable. There are things that people do on the Web that reveal absolutely everything. You have the right to go to a doctor in privacy. And similarly, you have to be able to go to the Web.” 

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the World-Wide Web, 2017

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The Institute for Digital Privacy (IDP) provides online and offline digital privacy training seminars for personal privacy protection. 

Every time you use the Internet you're being tracked and profiled.  Companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon use this information to make assumptions and decisions about us and for us. Their advertiser clients do the same. And so now do governments.

News stories about surveillance, hacks, data sharing, and political advertising raise our concerns. The information we see, the prices we pay, and the jobs we apply for are increasingly decided by how we appear online, where we live, and even who we know.

Security is why you put locks on your doors. Privacy is why you put curtains on your windows. It’s instinctive and a human right. Privacy is not about secrecy or hiding, it's about your power to decide what you want to share and with whom.

It’s not obvious how to stay on top of protecting your digital privacy and data. It’s certainly easier to say They don’t care about me or I've nothing to hide or It’s too late now … but they do, you have, and it isn’t!


So, what can you do? Get trained in Digital Privacy Self-defence!

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