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The Institute for Digital Privacy partners with executive, HR, Learning & Development, IT and data protection teams in your organisation to provide privacy training for your employees or members.


Our seminar is a valuable employee or member benefit that also benefits your organisation. Personal digital privacy is different to corporate cyber security but increases employee understanding, motivation and compliance with all data security policies.







In the UK, digital privacy training also supports your Data Protection Officer's obligation to 'inform and advise employees' on privacy issues under GDPR Article 39; and for senior management's obligation to 'create a culture of privacy awareness' under GDPR Article 25 (UK Information Commissioner's Office advisory).


Our 'Digital Privacy Self-defence' live seminar is available in three formats:

  1. Gold seminar: 3.5 hours (half-day); two breaks; full QA; typically 12-35+ delegates.
    Full version covering all modules in original breadth and depth.
    Includes follow-up access to the full online seminar for all delegates.

    £950 up to 35 delegates + 
    £25 per additional delegate

  2. Silver seminar: 2 hour (day or evening); short break; limited QA; typically 12-35+ delegates.
    Fast-track, concentrated version of the Gold seminar covering most key modules.
    Includes additional access to the full online seminar for all delegates.

    £750 up to 35 delegates + £20 per additional delegate

  3. Bronze seminar: 1 hour (lunchtime-friendly); no break; short QA; typically 24-150+ delegates.
    Key highlights of the Silver seminar for quick benefits and whetted appetites.

    Includes summary takeaway notes; full online seminar access not included
    On-site:           £450 up to 48 delegates + £10 per additional delegate
    Live webinar: £350 up to 48 delegates + £8 per additional delegate

How does it work?


The Gold and Silver seminars take place at the location of your choice in a large meeting room, classroom or auditorium setting. Training is delivered in an engaging, interactive and 'non-technical-friendly' style. Laptops are not required. Read our reviews.

The Bronze seminar can take place on-site at the location of your choice, perhaps over lunch, or as a live webinar.

Please contact us for seminar group bookings.

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